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The definition of Small Business as defined by Small Business Administration is generally having fewer than 250 employees earning less than $7 million gross per annum (non manufacturing). The advantages of having a local small businesses flourishing in the community are enormous; they can promptly adjust service to cater to the local demand unhindered by corporate hierarchy, provide accountable and personal service. The benefits for a community by supporting a Local Small Business are huge as well. Big Business shift taxes away from local communities and consumption of local goods such as contractors, suppliers etc, as they already have established their production and maintenance lines. Also a national chain eliminates as much jobs as it creates, having a null effect on employment. The challenge for most Small Business owners is finding new customers and advertising their services. Despite having a superior service and product, competing with a national brand which has a separate marketing department for internet, print and visual is impossible. This blog is geared towards providing marketing tips and resources to Small Business owners.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

#FB now uses #Hashtags. What they do and how to use them properly.

#FB now uses #Hashtags. What they do and how to use them properly.

Simply put #hashtags are a way of filing your Social Media input into a subject matter subheadings. For instance you tweet about Bruce Springsteen, the hashtags would be #brucespringsteen #rockstar #bornintheusa etc. This was first used by Twitter in 2007 to help users navigate and find tweets relevant to them. It has since then been picked up by Google+, Pinterest, LindedIn, Instagram and now FaceBook.

Hashtags have become especially important for Small Businesses because if used properly they are another vehicle for costumers to find out what you offer. It has now been studied and determined that online users are forming “tribes” based on their interests and hobbies that can be broken down by their usage of particular Hashtags. This presents opportunities for businesses to find and be found in specialized niches.

How to use #hashtags
#no spaces between words =wrong                     #nospacesbetweenwords = correct

You can use as many as you like in most forums but limit them to only three in twitter.

Put a #hashtag in front of your company name. This way you can promote and check what others are social media-ing about you.

Try and be consistent in some parts of your #hashtags i.e if you are a plumber then keep #plumber in all of your posts followed by the next relevant #hashtag.

We do not recommend trying to use trending #hashtags to direct traffic to your site, if users find the material very off topic then it is only going to hurt your site.


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